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  • How to Wear Accessories and Make a Statement

    Stainless-steel Medical ID BraceletAccessories are important in fashion. They serve as the exclamation point to a person's fashion statement. They are chosen based on personal style, mood, color, etc. They make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here's a helpful list of how to accessorize and make an ooh-la-la statement.

    First choose your clothes. Your sparkles will accentuate whatever outfit you choose, be they stripes, floral or plain, or whether you select pants or dresses. After you've chosen your outfit, you need to match them with the right jewelry. Dangly earrings will elongate your neck when you are wearing a dress or low-cut top. You may also wear a simple necklace to focus attention to your neck. The key idea is to bring attention to the area that you want to emphasize. Earrings and necklaces will draw attention to your face. Continue reading

  • How to take care of your cufflinks

    Stunning Selection is Canadian company that understand cufflink business very well. In this session we talk about how to take care of your cufflinks. Most of the cufflinks available in the market place are made of stainless steel or base metal with rhodium plating on them. Continue reading

  • We're giving away free jewellery!

    Free Jewellery


    Stunning Selection is happy to announce that it is holding a Giveaway for a $100 gift card that will go towards the purchase of our fashionable jewellery and other products. Yes indeed! We are giving away free jewellery. That’s pretty awesome, right?

    The Giveaway is available only to residents of Canada, the US and the UK and will run from Sept. 23, 2013 midnight up to Nov. 18, 2013 midnight. Check our Facebook Giveaway Page on Sept 23, 2013 to gain entries. There is only one mandatory action to do and that is to like our Facebook page. The rest of the choices to gain entries are optional. However, you’ll have more chances of winning with more entries so do follow us at Twitter as well, share this contest or comment on our Giveaway at Facebook.

    Our host for this Giveaway is Digital Ink, which simultaneously runs this promotion on its site. Don’t miss out on this fabulous freebie. Good luck everyone!

  • Stunning Selection Offers

    "Stunning" means Attractive, impressive, Astonishing Selection. And we offer the largest and stunning selection of contemporary jewellery for you, your partner, and for giving gift to someone special. We also offer a wide selection of traditional and modern pieces of fashion jewellery. In our website you will find much contemporary jewellery, so you can choose your choice of Jewellery easily without any difficulty. Continue reading

  • Women Give Men's Fashion Accessories an Extra Flair

    Move over, men! The women have arrived. And if you think you have a monopoly on certain types of fashion accessories, well, think again. Even those accessories that were once considered “masculine” are being adopted by women in a big way, and these ladies are giving them a whole new flair. You're never going to look at a cufflink the same way again. Continue reading

  • Stars Shine While Leading Cufflinks Back into Style

    Can men wear jewellery? You might just as well ask whether the stars can shine. These days, you can look all around and see men sporting earrings, rings, chains around their necks, and of course the piercings that have become so popular. Even those with a more subdued lifestyle might allow themselves a stud in their ear, an elegant ring, and occasionally even a set of cufflinks. Continue reading

  • New "Stunning Selection" website serves North America with Truly Stunning Jewellery

    Mississauga, Ontario – Stunning Selection is pleased to announce the launch of a unique online service that aims to restore elegance and style to men's fashions, and to support a new trend in women's jewellery. At Stunning Selection with more than twenty years in the jewellery business, we recognize just how important finishing touches are. That's why this company offers distinctive cufflinks and other fashion jewellery to complete every man's look and to allow women to create a new fashion statement. Through registration on the new privacy-protected website, customers all over North America can choose from a broad, ever-growing selection, and track their orders all the way home. Continue reading

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